Evil Eye Boho Tote Bag. Large Colorful Kilim Bag. Boho Chic Style.

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My signature kilim bag decorated with a leather Evil Eye for extra boho chic style and good vibes!
Each bag is made of a 'kourelou' which is a small rag made of various fabric scraps originally used for t-shirts.
This means that no two bags are identical. A totally eco-friendly bag that will fit all your shopping or beach gear and is soft enough to double as a pillow while traveling or sun bathing!

Size: approximately 17"X18" (43X46 cm)
Handle length: 20"(50 cm)
Jute rope handles, magnetic closure.
Unlined (the material looks just a pretty on the inside).
Arrives packaged in a pretty fabric pouch.
Handmade in Greece with love and care.

Please note that each item is slightly different and the one pictured is a sample. If you want to choose from the bags l have in stock do not hesitate to contact me to send you photos of the available items.

Photo credit for pics 2 and 3 to the lovely girls of Ste.Ma World at www.stemaworld.com :)

Some info on our kilim bags:
These bags are made from upcucled rugs that are made of strips of various fabrics woven together.
Although they make very very durable bags but some unravelling may occur with use over time.
This is not a sign of defect and it can be very easily repaired with just a few stitches on the inside of the bag.
In some rare cases a product might be defective and more serious unravelling might occur after just a few uses. In this case please contact us so we can arrange for a replacement.
We try our best to check every bag before shipping but is is not always possible to tell how a bag will turn out ove time. In any case l wil personally do my best to make sure you are happy with your purchase!

Care instructions: spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not wash or dry clean.